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Fun Things to Do with the Kids
in South Bay and the Peninsula

So you and the fam’ are sitting at home, or maybe somewhere else... the kids are full of energy and you don’t have a backyard. Or maybe you do, but you just need to get out of the house—pronto! Here are some of our favorite things to do in South Bay and the Peninsula! Check back to this page frequently, because we'll be adding more great ideas to this list.


Where to Eat?

No time to cook? It was a crazy day at work and you were running around all day? What's that you say? You're hungry, frazzled, and everyone in the family needs to eat fast!

The following spots are kid-friendly, noisy with life, family-appropriate and easy on the wallet!


Pizza My Heart - all locations
Kids Make-Your-Own-Pizza Tuesdays for just $5! Parents can kick back, enjoy a glass of wine, dig into a tasty salad, and enjoy a slice! Pizza My Heart has about 4-5 pies on offer while your little one splatters tomato sauce all over their pizza dough. This isn't the day for dressing them in your favorite outfit! While he/she anxiously waits for the pizza to bake (5-6 minutes tops!), you can play and help by making fun figures with the Wiki Stix (included in kids meal) — fun guaranteed! Or you can color along with them talk about the day you both had. 


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) - Stanford Shopping Center

Kids eat for FREE with with the Stanford Shopping Center Simon Kidgits Card. Who can beat delicious food and drinks for the whole family, a kid-friendly (and patient) staff, and a free meal for the kids? Don’t forget to reward your child for sitting through dinner with one of their 99-cent sundaes! Can we say, "Amazing?"


Bumble - Los Altos

Bumble is a local favorite for harried moms and dads in need of a stress-free dinner without leaving the children behind or feeling guilty about enjoying themselves too much. Another bonus — you won't have to worry about being late to relieve the nanny. Bumble offers a great play area with caregivers and your children can have dinner while you relax and eat! The childcare isn't free though. Pay $15 for up to two hours of playtime or $25 for up to two hours of playtime, plus a kids meal to enjoy.


Coupons & Deals


Simon Kidgits Card at Stanford Shopping Center has many great offers and they have a free kid-friendly event each month! Getting the card is totally worth it! Get your card at concierge in the Stanford Shopping Center or sign up online.


Places to Go


Junior Museum & Zoo - Palo Alto

This spot is easily a great place to go when you're out of ideas for where to take the kids. It's a fun and educational place for children of any age! Another perk—It's FREE! But please consider making a small donation as suggested at the front door. They have a bunch of scientific and interactive games with a ton of toys and costumes for the kids to run around in. For babies, there's a gated area. A few steps outside is the zoo part featuring local animals from porcupines, to rabbits, to bats! It's fun guaranteed!


Magical Bridge Playground - Mitchell Park

One of the best — THE BEST — parks in the area! Magical Bridge Playground is whimsical, creative, safe, and appropriate for children of any age. The playground also features play equipment for children with disabilities. This is also a great spot to take the kids right after storytime at the Mitchell Library, also located in the park. It tends to be busy on the weekends, but its enjoyable on any day!


Baby Storytime (Birth to 18 months) 

• Tuesdays, 10:30am AND 11:30 am at Mitchell Park Library
• Thursdays, 10:30am AND 11:30 am at Children's Library*

Russian/English Storytime (for all ages)

• Thursdays, 4:30 pm at Mitchell Park Library

Cantonese Storytime (for all ages)

• Check the Library Events Calendar for upcoming sessions of this special Storytime series at Children's Library*

Family Storytime (for all ages)

• Tuesdays, 4 pm at College Terrace Library 
• Fridays, 10:30 am at Downtown Library 
• Saturdays, 11 am at Mitchell Park Library
• Saturdays, 11 am at Children's Library

Toddler Storytime (18 months to 3 years)

• Wednesdays, 10:30 am at Children's Library * 
• Fridays, 10 am at Mitchell Park Library

Preschool Storytime (3 to 5 yrs)

• Tuesdays, 10:30 am at Children's Library * 
• Fridays, 11 am at Mitchell Park Library 

Pajama Storytime (for all ages) 

• Wednesdays, 7 pm at Mitchell Park Library 




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